Do you only help Women?

We actually work with many men. For many different reasons! Men have questions as well, and we certainly can appreciate any man who wants to understand or know more. Some of the topics we have discussed are... So, Now what do I do? My girlfriend is pregnant and insists on a abortion, but I'm conflicted, what should I do? I'm a single guy wanting to know how I can be a better parent, can you help me? My parents are going to disown me, how do I tell them? My wife's emotions are like a roller coaster, Do I just hide? Or do you have any tips? Any many more... No question is a invalid question.

I hear you offer Parenting Support, Is that true?

We do offer parenting support in individual sessions and group classes. We believe that it truly does "take a community to raise a child" and we are here to encourage, educate and support you. 

I am under 18 and scared, will you contact my parents?

All our client interactions are confidential. Our main concern is that you are safe and making choices under your own control. Many of our clients under 18 and over often make life altering decisions in crisis. We will work with you through the crisis and help facilitate reducing stress that may conflict you. We do not offer professional counselling services however we train all our client advocates to support, encourage and educate you, so you are not alone. 

You're a Faith Based Organization. What exactly does that mean?

That is a very good question, and we are glad you asked. We are a faith based charity also affiliated with The Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services.  (See link above)  That does not mean we talk about faith. Like many homeless shelters, the Salvation Army and numerous other faith based community resources, we believe in offering compassion, support, education in a way that respects all faiths, no faith at all, gender, orientation and or age. All can access our free resources, no strings attached.  However we do recognize that many also do have conflicts and questions about  spiritual things.  We do not belong to any one religious denomination but are mostly funded by multiple faiths. People just like you and me that believe in your dignity,  respect and support.    

Are you a medical facility?

We are not a medical facility and we do not refer out to any community resources. Most agencies that require referral are done through your family doctor or clinic. We offer support and education on pregnancy related topics as well as offer a safe environment to discuss your fears, desires, anxieties and questions. We often find that a just having someone to work through your emotions with can almost immediately reduce some of your stress. 

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